Longshore Limited was founded by Michael Or since 1978. We are a team of experienced gamers and professional engineers with over 40 years of experience in the Toys and Games industry

At Longshore, many of us are game geeks and fortunately we are able to enjoy our work and our hobby at the same time.  When we are working on new projects, this also allows us to provide ideas and solutions both from multiple perspectives, and we believe our customers appreciate this as an additional value from Longshore’s services.  

Besides Games and Puzzles, Longshore also have experience in Educational toys, Preschool and Infant toys, Electronic toys and Bath toys.  We own and operate multiple manufacturing facilities with advanced automation involving plastic injection, electronics, as well as printing including game boxes, playing cards and game boards. 

We ensure the usage of safe materials and meet all applicable regulatory standards.

With delicate teams locate in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam, Taiwan, we serve world-renowned Toys and Games company on product development from conceptual drawing, prototype, sourcing, tooling, production, and QA/QC, to shipment. Broadway Toys Limited–our subsidiary has established strong distribution channels of Games and Puzzles in the Greater China Region.

With our passion and experience, we can transform your concepts into reality.




Longshore hosts different corporate events and workshops annually to boost employee confidence, goodwill, and morale.

Annual Outing - Disneyland

Annual Outing - Broadway x Macau

Basketball Competition

Staffs Training

Production Analysis Meeting

Creative Workshop

Hobby Game Forum

Kids work at office day

Community service

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