Legend Limited

Dongguan Legend Manufacturing Limited is an electronic toy factory established in 2007. The factory has a plant area of 2,800 square meters with 500 to 800 workers on average, and more than 1,000 workers during peak seasons. Our manufacturing is certified by ICTI, BSCI, ISO, and FMMA.

■   Injection Molding Machine
■   Blow Molding Machine
■   Ultrasonic Welding Machine
■   Dust-Free Assembling Lines
■   Automatic Packing Machines
■   Cold Stampling Machine
■   Laser Engraving Machine
■   Printed Circuit-Board Assembly
■   Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Machine
■   Spray Painting Machine
■   Tempo Printing Machine
■   Silk0Screen Printing Machine
■   Automatic Hot Stamping Machine
■   Automatic Heat Transfer Machine

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