Shinn Hua Printing and Packaging Limited

Shinn Hua Printing and Packaging Factory is located in Taishan City. The factory has a plant area of 10,000 square meters and more than 700 workers managed by a professional technical team. It constantly diversifies its product range and specializes in all kinds of professional board games, puzzles, magazines, leaflets, playing cards, and packaging products. The factory continues to invest in automation technologies, including the Automatic Rigid Set-Up Box Machine, which significantly enhances its production efficiency and effectiveness. The products are complied with international standards and sold to worldwide territories including Europe, North America, Middle East, and East Asia.

■     Die-cut Machine
■     Full Color Offset Printing Machine
■     Digital Printing Machine
■     Aqueous Varnishing Machine
■     UV Coating Machine
■     Auto Paste Up Machine
■     Dehumidification System
■     Auto Paper Laminating Machine
■     Folding Machine

■     Puzzle Hydraulic Pressing Machine

■     Auto Saddle Stitching System
■     Card Corner Rounding Machine
■     Auto Rigid Set Up Box Machine
■     Punching Machine
■     Poker Card Machine
■     Check Paper Machine
■     Shrink-Wrapped Machine
■     Auto Poker Card Shrink-Wrapped Machine
■     Auto Linen Machine

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